Be part of a greater network that has exponential value as a collective than we might have otherwise alone.



work as a whole

Our members are connected by their motivation to give back. The individuals that form our diverse member base bring a range of different skills, networks and passions to the force. While you can volunteer independently, we believe that we can amplify our impact by working together.

Connected Community

Our affiliation with other rotary clubs and organisations allows us to broaden our sources of experience and influence even further. 
This empowers us to generate far greater community value as a collective than we might have otherwise alone.

Build lasting relationships

Not only does the community benefit from this, but so do you. As a member, you will benefit from the friendships, networks and personal development that our club is designed to promote. 

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.
— Margaret Mead, Anthropologist


To ensure that you are engaged and get the most out of your Rotary experience, we have a few expectations of our members:


Members should attend a minimum of two meetings or events per month. These meetings are where the plans to make a difference are formed. We understand that, with our busy lives, there may be exceptions when this is not always possible. This will be dealt on a case by case basis.


What we are here for! All members will participate in volunteering activities and community projects throughout the year depending on your time and passions.



Each member is required to select a REQ committee where they will asked to take up a small responsibility to contribute to the effective running of the club and its projects. By doing this, we can share the load and ensure all members are fully engaged.

Annual fees

Members are responsible for paying their REQ membership in due time.



+ What differentiates Rotary of Elizabeth Quay from other clubs?

All of the Rotary Clubs in Perth are fantastic, and each provide a slightly different Rotary experience. We encourage you to visit as many as possible to find the one that fits you the best. Every Rotary Club has the objective of “Service Above Self”, and therefore, we believe that no one Rotary Club is better than another; they each just have different characteristics. You should choose a Rotary Club that best fits your culture, lifestyle, and work schedule.

We at REQ have designed our club to cater for busy professionals – our CBD location and after work meeting times align with this. We also seek to minimise the administrative burden on our members, while maximising the impact they can have.

Our club demographic - and the fact that we are a very new club - means that we have a lot of highly energetic professionals with an entrepreneurial spirit and general excitement about growing our club. Our club members also prefer a lot of “hands-on” work and strategic projects in addition to fundraising.

+ What are the membership fees?

Initiation fee - At this stage there is no initial joining fee however this may be implemented in the future.

Annual fee - An annual payment of $295 covers Rotary International and District dues, and provides some funding for club administration. Please note that monthly social events are not covered by the annual dues. Members will be required to pay for fees related to social events (e.g. entry fees, food and beverage, etc.)

+ What happens if I become financially incapacitated?

We understand that adversity can strike. Should you encounter difficulty in paying your fees, please reach out to the President of the Club, who will treat your matter with utmost professionalism and confidentiality. The President will work with the Board of Directors to see if special payment plans or financial assistance can be worked out on your behalf.

+ How can I contribute my skills to this Rotary Club?

We embrace the diversity in skill sets among our members and like to use everyone’s strengths to meaningfully contribute to the club. When you submit your application, we will ask you which skills you can bring to REQ, and which you would like to develop as part of your experience. This way we can identify opportunities for you to put them to good use!


Apply within

The process

That is great you are looking to join us! Please note the following before you apply:

We require attendance at three meetings before an application will be accepted.
This is to ensure REQ is a good fit for you before you commit.

Check when is the next meeting → 

Your application will then be reviewed by the Club Services Director or President. The Board of Directors meets on a monthly basis to review applications, and the process may take up to 4-6 weeks.


In the meantime...
You are more than welcome to attend meetings while you application is being processed. You will be informed of your application status after the monthly board meeting.

Application form

Ready to apply?
The application process should take you 15-20 minutes to complete.